Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Blessing.♥

My Tutorials are strictly my own creations,
if they resemble another it is purely coincidence.
This was written with the use of PSP X3.
You may create it any version of PSP.

Supplies Needed.

Scrap Easter Floral by Brenda's Scrap Design .You will find Here.

I'm using the artwork of © Judy Mastangelo Currently available at PTE Here.

Font of choice

Mask by Annaica at Creative Misfit Creations Here.

Open new image 850 x 650 transparent background.

Open bsd_Easter Peace Glt_03. Open your Foreground material palette-Patterns, find the paper select click ok.Close out your background palette.
Draw out a large square using these Preset -square settings:

click on Image to resize

Now draw out a smaller square.Convert to raster.Add drop shadow.
ImageFreeRotate 15 Right.
Duplicate small square then Image Mirror.

Click inside large frame with Magic wand Selections Modify Expand by 3.Add new raster layer.
Open bsd_Easter Floral paper 15 on new layer Edit Paste into selection,
deselect.Drag below frame layer.
Click inside small frame with Magic wand Selections Mofidy Expand by 3.
Click on bsd_EasterFloral paper 15 resize 65% paste as new layer arrange paper to your liking.Selections Invert tap delete. Drag below frame layer. Duplicate Image Mirror, drag this layer below other frame layer.
Close out your background layer. Layers Merge Merge down.
Open bsd_EasterFloral Element 1 copy paste as new layer resize then arrange in frame on right.Add drop shadow
Open bsd_EasterFloral Element 2 copy paste as new layer resize then arrange in frame on left.Add drop shadow.
Open bsd_EasterFloral Element 10 copy paste as new layer above background layer resize duplicate arrange.Add drop shadow.
Open bsd_EasterFloral Element 8 copy paste as new layer resize arrange in center frame.Add drop shadow.

Add your tube arrange to your liking then add drop shadow.

New raster layer Select All copy paste into selection. bsb_Easter Floral paper 12.
Apply mask merge merge group.

Add your Artist © and your name then crop.

Thank you for trying my tutorial, I hope you enjoyed it.
I'd love to se your results so that I can show them on my Blog.

Tutorial by © Maree *(aka DesignbyFalcon) 31st March 2012.