Friday, February 19, 2010



Supplies Needed

PSP – I used X2 but will work in any version

Tube of choice
 Font of choice I used Alexbrush

Peaches Scrap Kit PTU can be found at Baby Cakes Here

I used the beautiful artwork of Carson Vinson you will need to purchase a license to use his work and can be purchase Here

Plug in Needed - Eye Candy 4000

Okay let’s get started

Layers  open a new image  600 X 600 (we can re size later)

Open your tube and any embellishments and papers you wish to use
Layers new raster layer flood fill with white.

Select paper and Edit copy, Edit then paste as a new layer re size to suit.
Repeat this with another 2 papers resizing each one.

Edit copy, Edit paste your tubes as a new layer.
Re-size to suit. Add a drop shadow I used - 1/1/50/4

Edit copy, Frame 3 - paste as a new layer re size to suit
Click inside frame with Magic Wand and then got to Selections – Modify –Expand by 3
Paste your choice of paper – selections – invert – hit delete – move paper below frame
while still selected copy and paste your butterfly – re size to fit frame then hit delete, now move this below frame above paper.

Add any other embellishments you like and add a drop shadow to them.
Edit copy any of the doodles and paste above the white layer then add a drop shadow of choice.

Layers new layer, using the text tool - you can use the words that I used or add your own.
I used the font Alex brush with Background # f1a785
Convert to raster layer
Effects Eye Candy 4000 – Gradients Glow with these setting
Then click Color Tab
Click the box and choose a color I used white and then click Fat – click ok
Effects - Drop Shadow
Color - Black

Add and copy write and your name or watermark. Re size and crop.

Save and your done!