Saturday, February 20, 2010



Supplies Needed

PSP – I used X2 but will work in any version

Tube of choice

 Font of choice

Plugin MuRa’s Meister

I used the beautiful artwork of Zindy Neilson
 you will need to purchase a license to use this work.

You can be purchase from Here

Please do not use this tube unless you have a license to use.
Scrap kit PTU - Caring Carie by Ali    Here

Okay let’s get started

Layers open a new image 600 X 600 (we can resize later)

Copy and Paste DBA Daisy 1 resize 50%

Effects MuRa’s Meister – Copies with these settings


Copy and Paste DBA Frame 1 – resize 50%

With Magic Wand click inside frame making sure you click below ribbon also
Selections Modify –Expand by 10- ok

Copy and Paste paper of choice Selections – Invert-Delete.
Move paper below frame.

Open your tube copy and paste below the frame
Now outline the top of the tube and around the wings (see below) using the Freehand selection tool
 Then right-click and Promote Selection to Layer move above the frame.


Erase and bits hanging over frame.

Copy and Paste DBA Flower 1 resize 50% then resize 50% again.
 Duplicate and place around frame.

Copy and Paste DBA Journaling 1resize by 30%
Image free rotate - 25% to the right

Copy and Paste DBA Bow 1 resize by 50%.
Place on corner of Journaling paper.

Copy and Paste Butterly 1 resize by 40%
See my tag for placement.

Add a drop shadow to all.
Add your © and your name or watermark. Resize and crop.

Save and your done!
Or if you  wish you can continue to animate the tag.


With Freehand Selection Tool outline the Diamond-
Adjust –Add/Remove Noise 30
Copy and Paste as new animation

Back to PSP
Click Undo Button twice then
Adjust –Add/Remove Noise -35
Copy and Past after current frame in AS
Back to PSP

Click  undo Button twice then
Adjust – Add/Remove Noise -40
Copy and Paste after current frame in AS

Click 1st frame – Edit – Select All
View Animation

When happy Save as Gif