Thursday, April 15, 2010

Fairy Garden * PTU

Supplies Needed

PSP x2 ( or any version will do)
Fairy Garden Scrap by Lynn at  Scrappers Emporium.
Masks WSL_146and WSL_ 153  from  Here
Font: Dagobert
Drop Shadow of Chocie.


Let's Begin

Open 600 X600 New Image.
Open FAIRY GARDEN FRAME 1 Copy paste resize by 65 percent.
Open FAIRY GARDEN POND copy paste and resize to fit frame.
Move below frame.
Open FAIRY GARDEN MUSHROOM HOUSE copy paste and resize by
35 percent see tag for placement.
Open FAIRY GARDEN PLANT copy paste resize 30 percent and place near
mushroom house.
Open FAIRY GARDEN BUTTERFLY copy paste resize by 23 percent and
place on mushroom house.
Open FAIRY GARDEN GLITTER copy paste resize by 20 percent and place
above pond, duplicate then image mirror.
Open FAIRY GARDEN LAMP 1 copy paste resize by 15 percent and place
at top under the  frame.
Open FAIRY GARDEN BUTTERFLY TRAIL copy paste resize by 35 percent,
 place on left side of  frame then duplicate mirror.
Open FAIRY GARDEN FAIRY 1 and 2 copy paste resize to fit see tag
for placement. Or add a tube/s of choice.
Open FAIRY GARDEN PAPER 1 copy paste resize by 55 percent select
mask WSL_153 apply merge group. Move below frame.
Using your Ellispe preset tool draw a circle about the same size as
the maskusing these settings:

Using these colors, FG#570973 BG#d0f0db.Place this behind
the mask layer.
Add a new raster layer above your background layer then flood fill
with #818571 apply mask wsl_146 merge  mergre group.
Apply drop shadow to all layers except mask layers
Add your Artist © and name then save as a png, resize if needed.
Thank you for trying my tutorial, I would love to see your results.

This tutorial was written by Maree (akaFalcon)on April 15, 2010.
Any similarities to this tutorial are purely  coincidental.
© Maree 2010.