Sunday, April 25, 2010

Viva la France *PTU

Supplies Needed
PSP X2 ( any version will work)
I am using the amazing artwork of Elias Chatzoudis
you can find him at MPT
Springtime in Paris PTU by Kissed By Pix Designs a here.
Mask WSL_84 Here
Drop Shadow of choice

Lets Begin

Open new image 700 x700 using your bucket color white
Open new layer and color this one black then apply mask merge merge group.
Open KBP_STIP_AntiqueRound copy paste resize click inside with Magic Wand  Selections Modify Expand by 4 then,
Open KBP_STIP_SwirlPaper1 copy paste resize by 50 percent, Selections Invert, Delete - deselect.
Open your tube copy paste resize if needed trim of excess at bottom of tube using your Eraser brush
Open KBP_STIP_Stem1 copy paste resize and place on left side of tube see tag for placement.
Open KBP_STIP_Flower1 copy paste resize and place below tube.
Open KBP_STIP_Flower2 copy paste resize and place below tube.
Open KBP_STIP_Flower3 copy paste resize and place below tube
Open KBP_STIP_Mask3 copy paste resize and place above seat.
Open KBP_STIP_Tower3 sopy paste resize place on left side of layer.
Open KBP_STIP_Bench3 copy paste resize and see tag for placement
Open KBP_STIP_ Feather 1 copy paste below tower.
Open KBP_STIP_Moon2 copy paste  resize and place behind tower.

Give all except your mask a drop shadow.
Add your Artist © and your name, crop and save.
This is only a guide and feel free to use any other elements you wish too.
Most of all have fun creating.
Thank you for trying my tutorial.
This tutorial was written by Maree (akaFalcon) on 25 April 2010.
Any similarities to this tutorial are purely coincidenta
© Maree