Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter Hunt * FTU

Supplies Needed

PSP X2 it will work in any version
Scrap Kit Easter 2010 FTU by Vaybs you can find it    Here
Tube I used Elias Chatzoudis at MPT
Mask WSL_84 Here
Drop Shadow of Choice.
Remember to Save Often!!!

Lets begin

Open 600 x 600 new image
New layer using color #2b8ecf flood fill layer, then apply mask or one of your choice. Merge Merge group.Effects Texture Effects Weave with these settings

Open DVB Easter2010 element 18 copy paste resize by 75 percent.
Open DBV Easter 2010 element 20 copy paste duplicate see tag for placement.
Open DBV Easter 2010 element 11 copy paste then  resise by 73 percent.Place on bottom left side.
Open DBV Easter 2010 element 8 copy paste resize by 38 percent place in center of tub.
Open DBV Easter 2010 element 15 copy paste resise by 47 percent and place in front fo tub.

Open DBV Easter 2010 element 16 copy paste resize by 39 percent and plac in fron of grass.
Open DBV Easter 2010 element 2 copy paste and resize by 65 percent and place top left corner.

Open DBV Easter2010 element 4 copy paste resize by 69 percent place bottom right hand side.

Open your tube of choice copy paste resize by 85 percent.

Open DBV Easter 2010 element 6 copy paste resize by 48 percent place in center below tube.
Add any other element you like. Give everything a light drop shadow.
Add your Arthist © and your name. Save as a png. Crop or resize and your done.
Thank you for trying my tutorial I hope you enjoy it.

This tutorial was written by Maree (akaFalcon)on April 2, 2010.
Any similarities to this turtorial are purely  coincidental.
© Maree 2010.