Sunday, March 28, 2010

Easter Beauties * PTU

Supplies Needed

5 Tube/s of Choice
I used the Artwork of Elias Chatzoudis and can be purchased at MPT

Scrap kit Easter Fun PTU by Puddicat Creations you can purchase  Here
MAsk: WSL_308
Animation Shop3
Eye Candy
dbs-Flux Bright Noise
Drop Shadow of choice
Font:Alex Brush
Remember to Save Often!!!

Lets Begin

Open new image 600 x 600 flood fill with white.
Open pdc_frame1 copy paste as new layer duplicate 3 times.
Rename each layer F1,F2, F3,F4.
On F1 layer click inside frame with magic wand selections Modify
Expand by 5. Select pdc_paper 4 resize by 63 percent copy paste
Selections Invert Delete move below frame DO NOT DESLECT. Copy
paste your tubes, position tube hit delete. Select none.
Now go to  Adjust Hue and Saturation to change the color of the
other 3 frames and then added the matching colored paper for
Open your tube copy paste place in center of the frames.
Add any other Elements you want. I used the following:
pdc_bunny 7, pdc_flower 6, pdc_flower 8,pdc_butterfly 1, copy paste
resize and place as you want. See tag for placement.
Open pdc_paper 16 copy paste as new layer apply mask merge group.
Duplicate mask layer.
Add the words Easter beauties I used the font Alex brush with color
# efa3a3 size 36 or your choice.Place above the frames.
Give everything a Drop Shadow except mask layers.
Add your Artist © and your name. You can now save as a png or
continue on for Anamation. Open  Animation Shop.


Click back into Psp
Click on Layer F1 using Selection Freehand Tool outline around the
bow.Then do the same for F2,F3,F4.Once you have completed this
click back to F1.
Adjust Hue & Saturation Add noise with these setting.
click to enlarge

Now do the same with F2,F3,F4 layers.
Edit copy special copy merged - click on AS and Paste as new
animation. Then back click on psp click undo 5 times(this will take
you back to F1 to start again). Repeat as above this time set to
30, once done copy merged again and paste after current frame.
Okay repeat this again but settings will be 35. You now should have
3 frames in AS Using  Ctrl+A to select all. 
Go to View - animation and if your happy with it then, save
as a gif and you are done.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.
This tutorial was written by Maree (akaFalcon)on March 28, 2010.
Any similarities to this turtorial are purely  coincidental.
© Maree 2010.