Monday, March 1, 2010

* BUNNY LOVE-PinupToons *

Supplies Needed
PSP – I used X2 but will work in any version

I used the beautiful artwork of Rion's - PinUpToons
You can be purchase from Here Link updated
Or a tube of your choice

I am using the amazing artwork of Kat Scrap kit - Bunny Love.
You may purchase it Here

Masks by Weescotlass, WSL-81 and 84 please visit her awesome site Here

Drop Shadow of choice.

Okay let’s begin

Layers open a new image 600 X 600

Copy / Paste Papers 4 then Paper 12, resize by 50 percent.
On Paper 4 apply Mask 81 Layers / layers Merge /Merge Group.
Apply the same to Paper 12 with Mask 84.

Copy / Paste Element 1- Frame, resize by 50 percent.
Copy / Paste Element 29 then resize by 40 percent, place near top of frame.
Copy / Paste Element 49, resize by 30 percent,Duplicate twice and place on lower part of frame .
Copy / Paste Element 48, resize,duplicate twice and see tag for placement.
Copy / Paste Element 23 resize by 55 percent,duplicate place between the pink flowers.
Copy / Paste your tube and place above flowers, give this a light d/s.
Copy / Paste Elements 50 and 51, resize by 45 percent, place on either side of your tube.
Copy /Paste Element 44 resize by 20 percent.

Font used Forte
FG #ffffff
BG # b1687d
Add your © and your name or watermark. Resize and crop.

Save and your done!

© Falcon aka Maree 2010

I would love to see your result. Thank you for trying my tutorial.