Saturday, March 20, 2010

Be Mine * PTU

I am using the beautiful artwork of Barbara Jensen 
you can  purchase at Here

Scrap kit of choice:
The one I use is called Almost Paradise (PTU)
and can be purchased at Dazzling Scraps
Mask of choice
The one I used WSL_79 Here
Font of choice:
I used
Filter: dsb flux -Bright Noise.
Add drop shadow of choice:

Lets Begin

Open new image 680 x 650.
Open Cazie_Almost Paradise_Paper2, apply mask then merge group.

Open Cazie_Almost Paradise_heartswirl copy / paste then resize.Place at bottom of layer.

Open your tube and place in center of layer.Give this a drop shadow of choice.

Open Cazie_AlmostParadise_heart1 copy paste resize and place on left side see tag for placement. Rename  layer Heart1.
Now do the same for Cazie_AlmostParadise_heart2. Give both a drop shadow.Rename this layer Heart2.

Open Cazie_AlmostParadise_bear copy / paste /resize place on right isde of tube.

Open Cazie_AlnostParadise_doodle2 copy / paste /resize /duplicate /mirror. Place behind your mask layer.
Open Cazie_AlmostParadise_wordart2 resize place at top of layer, then drop shadow.

Add any other Elements you would like.

Add your Artist © and your name.

Using your Freehand Selection Tool outline the inner heart on both hearts.
Effects / dsb flux / bright noise apply these setting to heart1 layer:

Intensity 26 click- Mix  once. Now apply the same settings to heart2 layer. Select none. Edit/copy special / copy merged then paste into animation shop.

Back in PSP click undo 3 times then repeat as above this time  click Mix button 2 times.Copy merged then paste after current frame in Animation shop.

Back to PSP click undo 3 times again apply the same settings to both layers as above this time clicking the  Mix 3 times.Copy merged and paste after current frame in Animation shop.
Crop and save as a gif and your done!!!!

Thank you for trying my tutorial.

This tutorial was written by Maree (akaFalcon)on March 20, 2010. Any similarities to this turtorial are merely coincidental.
© Maree 2010.