Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Supplies Needed

PSP – I used X2 but will work in any version

I used the amazing  artwork of  Ismael Rac…Here
or one of your choice

Beautiful Scrap kit from Kat Vanilla or Chocolate  from...Here

Easter Eggs are from the CU4CU kit by KatNKDA ….Here

Mask from Weescotlass WSL_155    Here

 Font I used Base- Jewish Holiday

Plugins Used
Alien Skin Candy 5 Impact or
Eye Cany 4000 – Gradient Glow
Animation Shop

Okay let’s Begin
Layers open a new image 600 X 600

Copy / Paste Paper14 apply Wsl_155 Layers / Merge /Merge Group.
Now do the same with Paper 6.

Copy / Paste Element 01 resize by 50 percent.
Give a light Drop Shadow
Copy / Paste - Element 02 resize by 45 percent.
Give this a light Drop Shadow also.

Highlight Layer 3 with Magic Wand click inside frame
Selections / Modify / Expand by 8.
Copy and Paste Paper 3 resize if you want then
 Selections / Invert /Delete move below frames.

Copy / Paste Element 14 duplicate and place in from of the two frames,
check tag for placement.
Add your tube of choice place at bottom of frame behind ribbon.

Copy / Paste Element 07 resize give this a light Drop Shadow.
Copy / Paste Element 05 resize by 30 percent
give it a Drop Shadow.

Copy / Paste Element 09 then Elemn 10 resize Element 09 by 40 percent
duplicate, resize  duplicated layer by 20 percent.

Resize Elemen 10 by 30 percent. Placement is Elemen 09-10-09 to give
 a petal effect, see tag.
Merge these  layers down then duplicate, place on bottom of ribbon.

Copy / Past Elements 12,13 resize and place at bottom of ribbon.
Copy / Paste  From the CU4CU katnksaCUclipart_01clipart 88 and90
Resize by 30 percent and place above chocolates.

I used Font – Base Jewish Holidays
Size 36
Foreground # f6s693
Background # 4f2d00
Add the words Vanilla or Chocolate.
Give a drop shadow and place below eggs.

I used the darker color for the name. Convert to Raster layer.
Image / Free Rotate Left 90 degrees, place name on tag.
Open Eye Candy with these settings

Click on color I chose the lighter color, click OK, then
Effects / 3D Efects / Drop Shadow.

Add your  Artist ©.  Resize and crop.
Save and your done! If you wish to Animate then please continue.

Open AS
Back in PaintShop
Click back to layer  Mask (1)
Image / Free Rotate – right 5.00 degrees click OK.
Click on Mask (1) layer 2 then Adjust /Add/remove Noise with these settings

Do the same for Mask (2) layer
Edit / Copy /Copy Merged then click into AS
Right click an Paste as New Animation.
Back in PSP click undo for both Mask layers then
OnMask 1 layer Image / Free Rotate – right by 5.00 degrees again, click OK
Then on Mask (1) layer Adjust /Add/Remove noise going to 35 percent.
Edit / Copy / Copy Merge Paste in AS after current frame.
Do the same for Mask  (2)
Repeat again for both Layers with 40 percent.
Fingers crossed it has all worked.
Ctrl +A to select all then View / Animation.
The Chocolate wheel should be turning now….

Copy write Falcon aka Maree 2010

I would love to see your result. Thank you for trying my tutorial