Sunday, March 21, 2010

Dream Wedding *PTU

Supplies Needed

This tutorial is using the artwork of Jamie Kidd you can purchase Cilm Store.

Scrap kit   Spring Bride PTU by Lynn, you can find it here at  Scrappers Emporium       

Font of Choice:
I used Grenouille
Mask WSL_154 Here
Remember to Save often!!

Lets Begin

Open new image 700 x 700 we can resize later.

Open Spring Bride Paper 4 copy paste apply mask merge group.Move mask below frame layer.

Open Spring Bride Frame 2resize copy paste resize.

Open Spring Bride Horse copy paste resize place in frame.

Open Spring Bride Carriage copy / paste / resize. place in frame below frame  layer.

Open your tube copy paste above bow on frame, using your eraser brush trim around the lower part to fit the frame. Its best

to increase the zoom to help you with this.

Open Spring Bride Pink Champagne copy paste resize image mirror.
Open spring Bride Bow2 copy paste resize place at bottom of tube see tag for placement.

Open Spring Bride Invitation 1 copy paste resize, place in front of glass's. Add your own personal message or the one I

used. Image free rotate 25 degrees left.

Open Spring Bride Wedding Rings copy paste reszie place in front of ribbon.

Open Spring Bride Bow 4 copy paste resize and move to top of frame left side. Duplicate mirror.

Open Spring Bride Gift Bob copy paste resize place at bottom right-hand side. Duplicate resize and place above the other Gift box.
Add any other Elements of choice.

Add a drop shadow  to Elements and tube.

Add your Artist © and your name,crop and save.

Thank you for trying my tutorial I hope you enjoyed it.
This tutorial was written on March 21, 2010, any resemblance to any other tutorial is purely coincidental.