Sunday, March 7, 2010


Supplies Needed
PSP – I used X2 but will work in any version
I used the beautiful artwork of Elias Chatzoudis you can  purchase at  My Psp Tubes.
Or a tube of your choice.
Scrap-Clover PTu by KatNKDA can be purchased  at  NK Art Shop

Template WSL_250 please visit her site Weescotslass Creations

Font - DJ Luck

Okay let’s get started

Layers open a new image 650 X 650

 Open Paper 20 copy / Paste above background layer.
Apply mask wsl-250 - Layers / Layers Merge/Merge Group.
Open paper 14 Copy / Paste apply Mask01 from Clover Scrap.
Layers / Layers Merge / Merge Group.
Open Element 21 Copy / Paste  resize.Open Overlay 02 Copy / Paste resixe by 50 percent twice,
place in middle of  frame layer
Open tube, Copy / Paste - position to the left, add a light drop shadow.
Open Element 15 copy / Paste resize by 30 percent.
Image / Free Rotate 90 right.
Open Element 43 Copy / Paste resize by 60 percent, give a drop shadow,
duplicate and place either side of ribbon..
Open Element  30, Copy / Paste resize by 30 percent then duplicate
on duplicated layer resize by 90 percent.
Arrange these on either side of  Ribbon.
Duplicate both  layers of Element 30 and place as above.
Open Element 18 - Copy / Paste resize place on right side.
Open Element 29 Copy / Paste resize by 45 percent. Give a light Drop Shadow.
Open Element 31 Copy / Paste resize by 30 percent and place on top of tube.

Add your © and your name or watermark. Resize and crop.

Save as a png and your done!

Copy write Falcon aka Maree 2010

I would love to see your result. Thank you for trying my tutorial