Saturday, March 13, 2010

Birthday Celebrations *PTU

  Celebrate Mini kit by WeeScotsLass and  can be
purchased at  Dazzling Scraps
I used the beautiful artwork of Suzanne Woolcott.
Visit her site  GorjussArt

Mask WSL_250
Font  used Ravie
Lets Begin
Open 600 x 600
New Layer Selection / select all
Open paper 8 copy / paste in selection / select none.
Layers / load Mask / WSL_250 select load,  then resize by 120 percent.

Open Frame 1 copy / paste resize by 20 percent. Select magic wand click inside square and   frame / selections /modify /expand by 4.
Open Paper 1 copy / paste / selections / invert / delete.Move paper below frame. Add any Element you would like.I used the Scroll element.  Do not Deselect.
Open your tube copy and paste, resize, / delete, move below frame.

Click on oblong section of frame1,Selections / select All /Copy / Paste Paper 1. Selections / Invert / Delete. Move under frame.
Effects / Texture Affects / blinds with these settings.

Open HeartString1 Copy / Paste / resize by 15 percent.Place on corner of frame. See tag.
Open Curledribbon2 Copy / Paste / resize by 10 percent and place on right side of frame

Open Paper Butterfly Copy / Paste / resize by 10 percent place at top right corner of frame.

Open Curled ribbon wrap Copy / paste / resize by 15 percent and place between the 2 frames.

Open Delicate flower 1 and 2 resize both, see tag for placement.

Give everything a light Drop Shadow except the mask.

Add your Artist info © and your name. Save as a Png and we are done.
Thanks for trying my tutorial and hope you had fun.

These are  my own thoughts and creations by Maree aks Falcon 10 th March 2010.