Thursday, April 15, 2010

Happy Mother's Day *

Supplies Needed

PSP x2 (will work in any version)
Tube of Choice or the beautiful artwork of Pinuptoons
that can be purchased at CILM
Mask WSL_311  Here
Any Elements you wish to use
Font:Three Dates,One Night 
or font of Choice

Lets begin

Open a new layer 650 x 650 white background.
New layer color of choice or the ones I used, Flood fill with this
# e2b4f2 or one of your choice. Apply mask  mere merge group, now
duplicate this layer 3 times rename these layers F1, F2 ,F3 ,F4. 
On F1 select Adjust Blur Guassin Blur radius 10.
New layer flood fill with #97dFc2 merge merge group resize this by75 percent.
Select your Picture Tool and find the daisy flower and 
 use these setting add as many as you want:
Click on layer F2 Effects dsb flux with these setting click the 
mix button once.

Click on layer F3 and repeat clicking twice.
Click on layer F4 and repeat clicking 3 times.
Using ellispe draw out circle to the edge of green hearts do not convert yet,
click on cirlce till 'A' appears then using font of choice type
 in the words "Happy Mother's Day".
Click on the + to open, then 'x' out the circle layer then convert to raster layer.
Give this a drop shadow Add your tube then you can add any other element you wish to use.
Give your tube and any element a Drop shadow..
Add your name and Artist ©.

Open Animation Shop
Back in psp close out layers F3 and F4, Click on F2 layer then Edit Copy Special
Copy Merged.Click on AS and Paste as a new animation.
Back in psp close out layer F2,click and open F3 and repeat as above. Then
in AS paste after current frame,do this again with F4.
Save as a gif and if you want resize.
Thank you for trying my tutorial.
This tutorial was written by Maree (akaFalcon)on April 15, 2010.
Any similarities to this tutorial are purely  coincidental.
© Maree 2010.